5 Questions Ivanka Wasn't Asked

Why is a "Senior White House Adviser" treated more gently than Hunter Biden?

Source: CBS News

Media Fail: Ivanka Trump Edition

Imagine, three years into the most corrupt, self-dealing Presidency in history, you’re sitting down with a “Senior White House Adviser” who happens to be the daughter of the just-impeached President. It’s a historic moment. It’s national TV. You’re hosting a show called Face The Nation. This is no time for puffery and softball questions.


As Aaron Rupar in Vox makes clear, Ivanka Trump’s interview on Face The Nation might as well have been on Fox & Friends. CBS News interviewer Margaret Brennan not only exaggerated Ivanka’s role in helping get a paid family leave provision (pushed by Congressional Democrats) into the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act signed by her dad, Brennan also completely misled viewers about Ivanka’s position on Trump’s cruel and controversial family separation policy, crediting Ivanka for being a “vocal opponent” when, in reality, she was conspicuously silent at the most crucial time.

Ivanka’s treatment on Face The Nation was, of course, in sharp contrast to the kind of questioning faced by Hunter Biden in his recent ABC News interview.

Five Unasked Questions

Here are five questions that Ivanka has never satisfactorily answered—each involving the kinds of bribery, corruption and crony capitalism that, if done by a Democrat, would have Trump supporters chanting “lock her up.”

  1. Exactly how does a “Senior White House Adviser” make $100 million working a government job?

  1. How much did you and Jared benefit from the Trump tax cuts that sent the deficit soaring and pushed the national debt above $23 trillion?

  1. In the midst of a brutal trade war, China has mysteriously given you dozens of new trademarks. How did that happen? And when and why did you get into the voting machine business?

  1. Last year, Trey Gowdy was on Face The Nation demanding answers as to why you used personal emails for government business. These days, he’s out golfing with your dad. But why did you do that? It seems very suspicious. What were you hiding?

  1. Speaking of suspicious… The New Yorker recently reported that, back in 2012, you and your brother Don, Jr. were on the verge of facing felony fraud charges over the Trump Soho project. But the case was suddenly dropped when the Manhattan DA received a “donation” of $25,000 from your dad. Was that a bribe?

    BONUS QUESTION: Just this summer, your brother Don, Jr. shot and killed a rare and endangered sheep in Mongolia. He could have been in real legal trouble. But the Mongolian government gave him a back-dated permit to cover the crime. If Hunter Biden did that, would you be OK with it?

As the 2020 election race heats up, Unprecedented will continue to highlight “Media Fails” like this, alerting you to the double standard the media applies to the Trump family—and the many ways Republicans continue to work the refs and fill the airwaves with garbage intended to distract viewers from real issues and failed GOP ideas.

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