Why Trump Would Fire Trump

7 reasons why our Disaster-in-Chief wouldn't last a single episode as a contestant on his own reality show

“I don’t like excuses. In this case, Omarosa has to go. You’re fired.”

By any measure, Trump’s performance as President has been disastrous. If he were the CEO of a real company in the real world, his board of directors would have fired him long ago for his flagrant corruption, his failure to accept reality and, of course, his rape and sexual harassment scandals.

But Trump is not just failing every single leadership test he faces as the nation’s CEO. He’s failing by the standards he espoused on both reality TV and Twitter.

Based on these pre-Presidential standards, Trump should be fired for:

1. Making excuses.

“One thing Trump can’t stand is excuses.” That, according to NBC’s The Apprentice season one, episode nine recap from March, 2004, was the reason he gave for firing the show’s original villain Omarosa Manigault.

Of course, times change. As President, all Trump does is make excuses. He even tried to blame Obama for not creating tests in 2016 for a virus that didn’t exist until 2019.

Because so many of Trump’s excuses have become so untethered from reality, he might also want to fire himself for…

2. Mental instability.

In season two of The Apprentice in 2004, Trump fired contestant Stacie J. because her “scary” behavior was making her fellow team members nervous. As NBC’s show recap stated, “Trump said that he couldn't take the chance that something like what Stacie J. did would happen again.”

As President, Donald Trump’s own mental instability continues to put the world on edge, as detailed in The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, a bestselling book written by 37 psychiatrists and mental health experts.

3. Failure to take responsibility.

Trump’s delusions extend to his own abilities as a leader. When Obama was President, Trump’s philosophy was that everything that happened under a person’s “Leadership” was the responsibility of that leader:

As President, Trump says he takes no responsibility at all for failing to stop the pandemic he was warned about repeatedly in January and February.

In fact, despite all evidence to the contrary, he thinks he’s done a “really spectacular” job.

4. Not listening to experts.

Trump fired KISS frontman Gene Simmons from Celebrity Apprentice despite the fact that he made “great television.” The main reason for the firing was that Simmons refused to listen to input from the Kodak executives who had created that week’s task.

via Flickr/pixelillo

Simmons told Trump, “I trusted my gut more than the two executives I met. I’m more qualified to make those decisions, simply because I’m in the people business.”

In 2008, Simmons’ insistence that he knew more than the experts was enough to get him fired. In 2020, it’s the kind of arrogant stupidity that could put him in the running to be Trump’s next Secretary of State.

5. Misspelling Melania.

It may seem trivial to bring this one up. But misspelling Melania’s name was enough to get Dennis Rodman fired from the All-Star Celebrity Apprentice in 2013. Trump made the same mistake in a tweet in 2018.

Seriously, if you’re not willing to proofread a tweet before hitting “send” to millions of Twitter followers, can you really be trusted with the very big and very powerful nuclear button?

6. Losing repeatedly.

Reappearing on Celebrity Apprentice, Omarosa was again fired by Trump, this time for leading her team into the worst loss in the show’s history after her team’s art auction raised just $7,000, while her opponents’ team raised $164,000. This debacle took Omarosa’s record as a project manager to an unacceptable 0-3. (Despite her televised incompetence, Omarosa would later be hired into the Trump White House as “assistant to the president and director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison.”)

Trump’s own losing record as President is, of course, far worse than Omarosa’s ever was on The Apprentice. He has failed to keep America safe. He has failed to build the wall. He has failed to make Mexico pay for it. He has failed to give us the fantastic and cheaper healthcare he promised. He has failed our farmers and coal miners, driving YUGE numbers of farms and mining companies into bankruptcy. He has failed our factory workers with stupid trade wars that caused a manufacturing recession through all of 2019. He has failed to reduce the deficit. And he has failed in his pledge to eliminate the debt, instead sending it skyrocketing above $24 trillion.

And all that was BEFORE the nightmare of 2020 began.

7. Gross incompetence.

As badly as Trump performed during 2017, 2018 and 2019, nothing quite prepared us for the total failure that awaited in 2020.

Trump’s gross incompetence has allowed a deadly virus to spread unchecked across the country, killing tens of thousands of Americans, crashing the economy and leaving 30 million unemployed.

Before becoming President, Twitter Trump had famously floated “gross incompetence” as grounds for impeaching a President.

The gross incompetence Trump has brought to the Presidency would make any self-respecting leader resign in shame. With Don the Con, that may be too much to hope for.

But at least there’s hope that millions of those who voted for Trump thanks to reality TV in 2016 will make a different 2020 decision based on actual observed reality.

This November, the entire nation must seize the opportunity to tell Trump loud and clear: “You’re Fired.”

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