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Donald Trump , and by extension , his fanatic followers have created a cancer on our Democracy.

He didn’t start this cancer it was begun years ago under Nixon, Reagan, Bush1 and Bush 2.

It has been supported all the way by the Heritage Foundation , and all large far right Corporate donors , yes the ones who decide policy in the U.S.

Think Big Oil, who Republicans have strapped themselves and our country to their success . These people are all part of the plan to destroy Democracy.

They thrive as a result of laws made to advance their cause and destroy the population that remains .

He didn’t start it but raised it to a new level of ‘awful’.

He is a criminal many times over , he is racist , he is a whiny, controlling , narcissistic and punitive individual with , as has been said , no moral foundation .

His followers remain a mystery, he has no real interest in them but is happy to extort them for purposes of his gain.

All of this aside, although the Right wants to excuse him by saying he’s being a hostage for liberal politics.

No , in fact liberal politics should have stopped his criminal behavior’s long ago .

Right now whats important is that we do stop him.

He has encouraged his hostages to protest, take back our country.

Where have we heard this before?

January 6, 2021. Yes the “demonstration” as told by the Right which was truly an attempted coup of a duly elected president in order to fulfill Donald Trumps ongoing Lie.

Its time now to arrest, indict , and show this ex president, the law applies to everyone . Ex presidents break the law at their own peril.

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Yes, he absolutely is a psychopath and his wife is a sociopath. The lying, grifting and vileness of this pair is incredibly disturbing because they still have the magats believing every word they says, not that Melaena Stool says much because she doesn’t care about anyone but herself while the Mango Mussolini is beyond anything anyone could ever have imagined possible.

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If anything good ever comes out of this debacle of criminality in politics it's this.

Millions of GenZers and Xers came out and voted. If your opponent thinks you're the enemy and tries to keep you from voting, well duh! Get out and vote. Now, even more people who never voted before are registering Democrat and getting out the vote!

So thanks MAGA Republicans, you WOKE the sleeping bear, bunch of idiots!

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I think this is it. His crimes are too egregious, too large, and too pervasive. If they don’t/can’t/won’t, then this country’s laws aren’t worth the paper the Constitution’s written on.

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I think James Comey's sideshow also played a significant role in Trump's first election. Firstly, by taking so long to disclose Hillary's innocence, and then not absolving her of any wrong doing, and also suggesting she was possible guilty of something through possible guilt by her association with an employee's husband a week before the election.

Also, the corporate owned MSM deserves a lot of credit. Firstly, for doing such a lousy job vetting Trump, and secondly, for giving him as much as a reported Five Billion in free media promotion. Since 1980, "trickle-down" economics has never worked as advertised, always ballooned Fed deficits and debt, and always increased the the income and wealth gaps in favor of the super-wealthy. The MSM ahistorical approach worked great for cutting corporate taxes and regulations for almost 50 years, but not so well for the vast majority of American or America.

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I think this is wishful thinking. Yes, I too would love to see him perp-walked out of whatever building he is hiding out in.

We have to remember he is getting away with this because Nixon was never held responsible for Watergate; Reagan was never held responsible for Iran-Contra (or even worse as Ben Barnes just stated keeping Americans as hostages in Iran); GHW Bush never held responsible for his participation in Iran-Contra or any of his CIA garbage; “W” getting away with an illegal war. I hope I have to eat my words, but NO ONE in this country has the guts to enforce our laws against this pig.

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