Thanks so much for this .

Are Republicans ever sure enough of their faulty stance to not have to throw a lie or twenty at those who are stating their truth about the damage parents do to their children by inflicting their fears onto their kids and insisting they believe

Only what they are told to believe .

Kids have eyes and ears .

They see whats going on . So at some point they’ll see that their parents are fearful control freaks who wish to dictate how their kids think and feel.

What a terrible disservice these parents are doing their children .

I keep recalling Donald Trumps warning “ don’t believe what you hear and what you see, believe me” .

Unfortunately some of the weaker ones did believe him. De Santis too , he bought it, is now selling it.

It is atrocious.

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Mar 26, 2023Liked by Richard Hine

Great reporting!! Thank you!

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Great article. All this uproar over things that aren’t even happening (penthouse magazine in first grade) is so similar to the hundreds of anti-trans bills to stop kids playing sports when there are so few actual trans kids who want to play sports as their real gender SMDH.

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Thank you for a thorough report.

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