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I might be spitballing here but anyone remember that Barr actually visited Epstein at Rykers.

It was the first time in history that a sitting AG ever went personally to Rykers Island.

Ostensibly (still curving in on that spitball) to find out if the canary was going to sing. Obviously the answer was yes because Epstein died under very mysterious circumstances shortly after.

After a secret, swift investigation, he was termed an "official suicide."

Get that? Sounds like it was dictated by the guy who knows more about knowing more than anybody. King of syntax. Next Emperor of Greenland. Tangerine Traitor.

You should know this better than anyone.

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If Hillary had become President and hadn’t rooted out all the pro-Russian FBI, I wonder if they’d have changed that DOJ memo just so they could indict her over a nothing-burger like Durham did with Sussman?

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Bill Barr and Donald Trump and Durham should all be prosecuted as well as the Republicans running Congress who participated in an attempted coup. And refused to answer their subpoenas . And lied. Now they are trying to change the laws to make this about the investigators but not the criminals .

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