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This is a disgusting story! There's two systems of ⚖️ and apparently Matt Gaetz is a wealthy perv rapist!

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Thanks Richard its good to hear the questions regarding this miscarriage of justice.

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Well once again that magic formula to wash away all Republican woes came through.

Its called money.

The GOP may be one of the most corrupt entities on earth.

They of course take their cues from the likes of the far right Supreme Court,

Appointed by Trump , backed by McConnell,in another sleazy deal.

But who has power ?


What about other openly shady leaders. Not hard to think of De Santis who hates People of color, LGBTQ people, trans people.

Anyone who isn’t a ruthless Authoritarian leader funded by the Ruthless Heritage Foundation the Koch Bothers and their many other sordid, monied individuals ( corporations ) who have enough money to steer the direction of the discussion toward their political gain .

Where do we live?

“Were not in Kansas anymore Dorothy.”

Thank goodness.

Does it matter at all any more that poor people are held accountable and wealth has thrown a rope around all the benefits that are necessary to stay afloat in spite of sinister crimes committed in the open by Congressmen ,

who see themselves as the victims.

The victim thing begun by Hitler and encouraged by Trump so that he could cover his losses , verified by ‘Biden’s win .

So he was ‘forced ‘ to attempt a coup.

Matty Gaetz was among other political figures , Jim Jordan , Marge t Greene, who took part in this attempt and continue today to promote their base lies.

Now I have a question.

Where is the justice department ?

Too many mysteries here .

Who will be able to change this apparent concrete hold on the justices we are all supposed to benefit from .

And serve the justice to penalties for criminals , no matter their wealth status?

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Feb 18, 2023Liked by Richard Hine

I was wondering the same thing last night! Weiner’s career stopped dead. Gaetz is at the threshold of his so I can only hope he thinks he’s gotten a pass and screws up again. (With apologies to past or potential victims.)

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