They call him death Santis for a reason,killing democracy,and killing the black vote.He is a carbon copy of trump , the American people must never let trump back in the Oval Office , or De Santis in the Oval Office ever. Those two men believe they are some sort of magical kings destined for greatness, when in fact they are crazy psychopaths.

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Florida is a corrupt state dominated by crooked, power hungry Evangelical Charlatans

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We can’t ask employee fire the boss in this situation 😂

I do not take any side of political party. If I am going to vote for someone I research about that persons past, what he has done to community already, I do not care about debate what they are promise to do.

One thing bad about Republicans, most of them thinks any Republicans is the person they should vote for without any research.

Florida have most crime groups in USA and KKK headquarter is in Hudson FL (Pasco County).

For public who lets that much crime groups exist in their community partner if creators for dangerous future for our kids.

I have been suffering with my kids last 7 years because of Pasco County Incompetent Public Officials who works with my ex husband and support him during our unfair divorce and covered his crimes by being partner of it.

Almost a kid died because their bias decisions but they managed to cover up the crime.

I filed RICO Case in GA because one of the crime partner lives there. When Judge Westine heard that, she managed to pas state line and send deputies to my address to arrest me to do favor to my ex husband who is Pasco county code enforcement manager Micah Tharpe.

Judge Westine who is wife of sheriff Gualtier’s didn’t get her plan accomplished because for my safety my living address was different. Now my case might turn to be Federal RICO case.

Most of the Republicans are appointed instead of elected. I advice Republicans not to get upset to me and need to think where their money is going. Public is spouse be a boss and needs to hire who is going to serve them and who deserves their hard earned money. But in this situation employee become boss and boss become employee. In this situation Florida structure has a loose ground and lax public officials.

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Is there something the Department of Justice can do to rectify the situation?

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Sadist DeSantis = Masochist voters

My condolences to Floridians. What did you think will happen when you give all your rights away

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