I'm staying on Twitter but am aggressively curating my feed. I'm there for publishing and horse talk these days, and some politics. Mastodon is not appealing to me because it has too much of the old Usenet vibe, and I'm not interested in reliving those days. I'm on Substack with three separate things, am running a newsletter through Tiny Letter, participate in several writer Discords, and have a Dreamwidth account. This isn't my first go-round with a platform going away (Usenet, LiveJournal) so I'm somewhat jaded about it. Counter.Social is interesting but it's completely different from Twitter in a lot of respects. I have a Post invite, and now that Dan Rather is there, seriously considering going ahead and setting it up.

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Dec 16, 2022Liked by Richard Hine

What an amazing conversation this is. Even as a primer for us non-journo types wrestling with where to go/what to do with our own posting activities. Post, Ghost, Mastadon...most of us oldsters are still on FB since that’s where our lifelong friends are and it’s how we stay in touch but Meta has let the interface slide into a MySpace type experience. And most friends only on FB or Instagram aren’t interested in what I’ll call ‘current civic’ conversations anymore (those who are, are or were on Twitter). FB is memes, birthdays and milestones now. And Instagram is useless to people who treasure words.

I know you guys have different motives for decisions as to where to go, or stay, but we follow you-where you go we do too. Yet from a layman’s perspective there is nothing (yet) remotely like Twitter just for it’s sheer breadth of access. So we’ll wait..keep us posted. I’m THIS CLOSE to getting back on Twitter for the time being (and I don’t need a checkmark) until Musk nauseates me further I guess. But thank you for this little peek into the minds who help shape the better angels of the world.

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