My mom is sliding ever deeper into dementia. She often talks about stuff she knows nothing about or won't admit she can't do. I simply let her talk and go do what is necessary. It's a pity Trump's Band of Fools can't or won't do the same.

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tRUMPers will look at all of your FACTS ( which is a true diary ) and completely deny ALL of them...that they were present and hanging-on every word uttered by daddy ,means NOTHING to them. They have the perverse ability to deny what they actually saw/heard with their own 2 eyes and 2 ears and completely delete it from existence...just by being informed by daddy that it didnt happen. A handy skill that allows them to be bent into brain-dead submission AND not be stressed /affected physically or mentally by obvious trauma. This has been seen many times before...to its most disasterous effect in 1930's Germany when all the proof in the world was not enough to change the horrific outcome.

If the death of god-given basic human traits such as honesty, caring for others, respect, hope, love etc. is NOT mourned, than possibly .... the spectre of a virus which can cut off your airways and painfully suffocate YOU ( all-important ) and your clan ( much less important ) into non-existence ........will have to do.

Perhaps this is your all-knowing/all-seeing Gods way of showing you just how important CHOICES really are and they have VERY REAL consequences..... that you will have no choice BUT to live with..... OR die with.

Personally, at this point, i hope you AND Herr tRUMPh celebrate your choices with a 2/4 of God -given Corona and let the coughing, sneezing, nose-picking festivities begin. I'll even try my utmost to impersonate the dead and NOT MOURN your passing.....that shouldnt be too hard at all.

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